All Denton County teachers–-public, private, or home school–-are invited to attend our annual S.W.At Science With Attitude: Teacher In-service, a hands-on, interactive four day training program geared towards elementary teachers to learn how to incorporate nature and horticulture into their curriculum, August 4-7. More information and online registration on our Upcoming Events page.

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With the strong storms that passed through our area recently, if you need information about damaged trees, flooding and water-soaked soils, here are some informative websites:

And don’t forget to turn off your sprinklers if the soil is already saturated.

Rose-Rosette_Ashley-Brake-1-150x150In January, the North Texas Rose Rosette Eradication Conference, hosted by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Collin County Rose Society, was held to discuss the most recent scientific research on the Rose Rosette Virus and a course of action. Learn how to identify it and what to do if your roses are infected.