Members’ Forms

Unless otherwise specified, the following forms are available for download in PDF format.  If you need a different format, please contact the webmaster at

Annual Volunteer Agreement and Renewal Forms

Master Gardeners:  The 2016 annual Volunteer Agreement for veteran Master Gardeners and those who completed their training in 2015 is a part of the annual membership renewal form below.

New Master Gardener Trainees:  The annual Volunteer Agreement for new Master Gardener trainees is available below to print and sign.

Time Sheets

Important Note: These time sheet forms are provided for your personal record keeping only.   Use VMS to submit your hours for the official record unless otherwise instructed.

Nomination for Recognition

Request a Members’ Calendar Update

Request Approval for AT Credit for a Class

Projects and Events

Project Management presentation and example project spreadsheet:

Expense Reimbursement and Donations

Speaker’s Bureau

Logos and other important information for flyers, brochures and posters

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