Advanced Training Opportunities

Texas Master Gardeners must complete 12 hours of continuing education each year to maintain their certification. There are many training opportunities available throughout the year. The guidelines for Advanced Training are (see Members Handbook for more details):

  • Training from programs offered during DCMGA monthly association meetings
  • Horticulture Educational workshops, classes, lectures, field trips sponsored or conducted by DCMGA
  • Earth-Kind online training (can be taken only once)
  • Horticulture Educational workshops, classes, lectures, specialist training listed on Texas Master Gardener Association including workshops, classes and lectures offered by other County Master Gardener Associations
  • Horticulture Educational workshops, classes or lectures offered by Texas AgriLife Extension
  • Horticulture Educational workshops, classes, lectures and tours offered during annual State Master Gardener Conference
  • AT opportunities approved by Agent and announced to members by Denton County Extension Office via email or DCMGA website
  • Research for DCMGA sponsored lectures, presentations or help desk
  • Discretionary Horticulture educational workshops, classes or lectures up to three hours can be used for lectures at garden centers, clubs and other organizations. No prior approval is needed for these three hours

Additional Training Opportunities

  • As partial fulfillment of advanced training requirements, Denton County Master Gardener veterans may take one or two classes during intern training, as a refresher each year. First day, last day, field trips and the some individual classes are not included in this opportunity. Fee to attend each intern class is $10.  Click here to sign up for the 2015 classes.

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