• This is a good time to plant trees in Texas, especially for balled-and-burlapped trees.
  • Fruit/pecan trees as nurseries begin to stock them.
  • Also, it is a good time to transplant any trees you want relocated.
  • Shrubs-wintercreeper, euonymous, nandinas junipers, cleyera, winter berrying shrubs-ie. female yaupons, possumhaw, Burford, dwarf Burfords.
  • Tulips/Dutch hyacinths (ones that have been cooling in the fridge), plant the 2nd half of Dec. Daffodils, grape hyacinths & summer snowflakes plant anytime.
  • Living Christmas trees ie. junipers & Spruces in the coolest part of NW Texas.
  • Topiary rosemary anywhere.

  • Anytime between Dec./Feb. is good time to prune woody plants
  • Deciduous trees after leaves have fallen, clearing out any split or dead branches.
  • Evergreen trees may be pruned as well.
  • Trim out mistletoe before it gets deep rooted in the tree.
  • Trim peach & plum trees to 8-9 feet removing vertical shoots (helps to maintain the broad bowl form of the tree)
  • Grapevine 80-85% of canes, training the vine along a scaffold support.

  • Pansies, and other winter annuals with 20-20-20 each time watered
  • Water houseplants with 20-20-20 monthly
  • Compost pile with 1 c all-nitrogen per cubic yard.  After mixing in, cover with black plastic to absorb sun’s rays & keep moist.
  • Newly planted trees/shrubs with liquid root stimulator plant food monthly-1st year

  • Place orders for seeds, etc. to become familiar with them before spring arrives.
  • Garden books, tropical plants, baskets of bulbs & gift cards for Christmas gift giving.
Watch For:

  • Clover, henbit, dandelions, & other non-grassy weeds-control with broadleaf weedkiller
  • Scale insects, mealy bugs & spider mites on houseplants.
  • Scale on leaves, twigs of euonymus, hollies, camillias, crapemyrtles, oaks & fruit trees.
Odd Jobs:

  • Run power equipment until dry before storing.
  • Good time to take to repair shop for maintenance or repairs.
  • Cover tender plants with frost cloth to protect from freezing temperatures
  • Water during dry spells
  • Disconnect hoses, sprinklers after watering
  • Prepare beds for spring planting
  • Prepare rose beds with composted manure, pine bark & similar materials mixed with the soil to plant roses in January.

“God gave us memories that we may have roses in December.”–J. M. Barrie

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