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Member Calendar

The Member Calendar lists all DCMGA events, classes, meetings, and workdays.  Members can check the calendar to find service and DCMGA-sponsored advanced training opportunities.   If the address is listed you can access Google maps to get directions, and you can copy the calendar entry to your own Google calendar.  Advanced Training events are marked with ‘AT’.  Volunteer Service events are marked with ‘VS’.

— Request a Member Calendar Update

To request a calendar update for an event or a recurring event, submit the Request a Member Calendar Update form.  When you submit your Calendar Update Request, you may also request assistance with obtaining and tracking volunteers from the Volunteer Coordinator, at the same time.

If your event is already on the Member Calendar, you can request assistance from the Volunteer Coordinator in obtaining volunteers by submitting the Request Volunteer Coordinator Assistance form.

VMS: Hours reporting and roster

Log in to the Volunteer Management System to log your education or service hours and view the member roster.

Annual Membership Renewal

This link displays the Annual Membership Renewal form.  You can renew your membership and pay your dues online.

Advanced Training Opportunities

The Advanced Training Opportunities page outlines AT requirements and lists resources for finding advanced training opportunities.

Member Forms

Forms needed by all members are available to download or access online. Timesheets to record volunteer and training hours, project management forms, expense reimbursement forms, and speakers bureau forms are available. The Texas MG Logo and AgriLife Logo, as well as additional requirements for publications created by DCMGA members, are accessible from this page.

DCMGA Logo Clothing

View a catalog of clothing embroidered with the DCMGA logo.

Organization Chart and Board of Directors

This page shows the association’s organization chart and lists the names of current board members.

Programs and Committees

This page lists current DCMGA programs and committees, along with a description and the leader. Contact the manager or committee chair if you have questions or would like to volunteer.  Contact information is available in VMS.

Project Manager Info

This page provides resources useful to Project Managers or any leader in the organization, including a Reference Guide, a Project Management presentation, and an example Project Management spreadsheet.

Board Meetings

From this page the meeting minutes and Treasurer’s reports for all DCMGA Board of Directors meetings are available.  If you need minutes prior to 2010 please contact the Communications chair.  Starting in 2012, the Board Meetings page is password protected.  Contact the webmaster at or a board member if you need the password.

All members, Interns, Trainees, and Master Gardeners, are invited to attend the board meetings.  If you have an item for the agenda please contact the DCMGA President to reserve time.  See the Board of Directors page.

Logos and Public Communication Requirements

This page includes the requirements for all public communications materials, including Texas Master Gardener and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension logos and disclaimers.   Contact the Communications Director if you have questions.

DCMGA Policies and Procedures

The Bylaws and the DCMGA Handbook can be found here, as well as the Resource Library Policies and Procedures.  If you have any questions, please contact the Member-at-Large.


Lists of state and local awards received by DCMGA and its members are available on this page.


Copies of current and past issues of the DCMGA Root and RotoTeller are available on this page.

Intern Class Information

Documentation and links to information for the current Intern class.  This page is password protected.  See the Intern Class Administrator for the password.


If you have a suggestion or comment regarding the content of Member Info, please contact the webmaster at .

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