North Texas Gardening

Wondering what to plant, when to plant it, when to fertilize it, and when to water it?  Find out all this and more in articles written by Denton County Master Gardeners.

While the internet is an enormous source of information, it can be intimidating to sift through thousands of links to get an answer.  The goal in these pages is to do the sorting and provide only the best science-based links.

If you are interested in a particular subject not covered here, please email your request to the help desk at or call 940-349-2892.

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Results of the DCMGA 2011-2012 Hardy Plant Survey

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Frequently Asked Questions from our Help Desk

Lessons learned at our temporary demonstration garden, “The DiG”

Growing Herbs in North Texas

Heat-Hardy Plants

Overcoming North Texas Gardening Challenges with Raised Beds

Building a Butterfly Garden

Gardening Topics

Community Gardening

Gardening with Children



Rose Rosette Virus

Invasive Plants





Vegetable Gardening


Water Conservation

Wildlife Pests

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