Herbs in North Texas

Herb Garden

Many herbs grow exceptionally well in North Texas landscapes. Fresh herbs provide flavor in roasting meats and fish, seasoning for fresh vegetables, soups and spice in salad dressings as well as baked items. Herb plants add accents to the landscape as shrubs, individual plants and ground covers. Most herbs can also be grown in containers. Some herbs are perennial plants that stay green all year or return from their roots in the spring, while others are planted annually in spring or fall gardens. Here is a list of herbs that grow well in North Texas and general instructions on planting, caring for and cooking with some fresh herbs that grow in North Texas.

Presentation: Growing and Using Herbs from North Texas Gardens.

DCMGA created an example herb garden as part of the DIG project in 2011.

The Denton County Master Gardeners has a special interest group dedicated to sharing information on herbs. Each month, a master gardener presents information on an herb plant  (see Presentations below for links):

  • Varieties of this herb
  • How to propagate
  • Planting (type of soil, amount of sunlight, amount of water, time of year)
  • Harvesting History
  • Uses

The public is welcome to attend the monthly herb group meetings.

Information about growing specific herb plants in North Texas:

(NEW) Tansy


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