Dwarf Mexican Petunia

Dwarf Mexican Petunia

Common names: Nolan’s Dwarf, Ruellia

Botanical name: Ruellia brittonia

General information:

Quick growing ground cover. Heat tolerant perennial with violet, light pink or white flowers. Highly pest resistant.


Size: Individual plants usually less than one foot tall and wide

Flowers: Violet, light pink, or white tubular blooms

Bloom time: Early summer until frost

Leaves: Dark green, lance-shaped leaves

Pests and Disease Problems: Generally resistant although may be bothered occasionally by snails.

Growing in North Texas

Dwarf Mexican petunia has been named a Texas Superstar™ by Texas A&M University. The plants are adaptable to various soils and growing conditions. Although they prefer full sun, the plants survive in partial shade although with less flowering. Once established, Mexican petunias are drought-tolerant. Some supplemental water is required during periods of drought. Cut dead foliage to the ground after the first hard freeze and leaves will re-emerge from roots in spring.

Warning: Spreads rapidly.


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Keywords (tags):  Texas Superstar, Perennial, Drought-tolerant, Dwarf

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