Texas Rock Rose

Common names: Pavonia, Rose Mallow, Rock Rose, Wright Pavonia

Botanical name: Pavonia lasiopetala

General information:
Shrub-like perennial with small pink, hibiscus-shaped flowers. Native to Texas’ Edwards Plateau and the Trans Pecos area. Texas rock rose is very drought tolerant and not too picky about soil.




Size: 1.5 – 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide
Flowers: Deep rose pink miniature flowers, which open in the morning and close up by early afternoon during summer’s sustained heat
Bloom time: Spring through fall
Leaves: Light green, velvety, heart-shaped leaves

Pests and Disease Problems: None

Growing in North Texas
Pavonia is a popular garden accent plant throughout Texas. Minimal bed preparation is required for this native plant. The Texas rock rose has a woody base and an open-branching form, which may be kept more compact by pruning. Although Pavonia may live only 3 to 6 years, it will self sow seeds or may be propagated with saved seed or softwood cuttings. Grows in sun or part shade. Protect the plant with a layer of mulch in the winter.


Texas AgriLife Extension

“Plants of the Metroplex”; John Howard Garrett; University of Texas Press; 1998; page 72

Keywords (tags):  Texas Native, Perennial, Drought Tolerant, Full Sun, Flowering Shrub, Deciduous, Semi-evergreen

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