Hibiscus ‘Moy Grande’

Hibiscus ‘Moy Grande’

Common names:  Texas Giant Hibiscus

Botanical name:  Hibiscus sp.

Characteristics :  A Texas Superstar, perennial Moy Grande Hibiscus, a rose mallow, “may be the largest flowered hibiscus on earth! Giant pink blossoms can be as large as dinner plates,” states the aggie-horticulture website.  Blooms occur in flushes from summer until early fall. Moy grande tolerates alkaline soils making it an excellent flowering plant for areas of North Texas. Dr. Moy at the San Antonio Botanical Garden crossed Hibiscus moscheutos hybrid with Hibiscus grandiflorus to create Moy Grande.

Size:  5 feet tall by 5 feet wide

Flowers: Huge rose-pink 12-inch blooms last only one day with several blooms at same time. A prominent pistil and stamen in the center of each flower adds to their beauty.

Bloom time: Summer through early fall.

Leaves: branching clean foliage, medium green, fuzzy surface.

Pests and Disease Problems: loves the heat and requires very little maintenance. Moy grande are pest resistant.

Growing in North Texas:

Plant in well-drained soil with full sun. Amending soil with plenty of organic matter provides desirable nutrients to Moy hibiscus. Remove old blossoms and developing seedpods to foster rebloom. Water thoroughly, but not too frequently. May be grown in containers.


Texas Superstars

Moy Grande (Texas Giant Hibiscus)


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