New Gold™ Lantana

Botanical names: Lantana x hybrida ‘New Gold’

General information:

This easy care, heat-loving plant is great for containers and rock gardens. Its profuse blooming creates a striking mass planting. New Gold™ Lantana is a staple for any xeriscaping. It attracts butterflies and provides good winter cover for birds and small animals.


Size: 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide
Flowers: all yellow, reduced fruit set
Bloom time: spring to frost.
Leaves: green, aromatic

Growing in North Texas

This Texas Superstar® is best planted in full sun and requires little water. Regular watering during the first season will establish the plant with a deep wide root system. Lantana has a strong fragrance when bruised. Prune this plant to the ground and fertilize in the spring. Propagate by stem cuttings taken in late summer to fall.

Warning: According to Bexar County TAMU extension service, “the entire lantana plant group is reported as poisonous. Lantana is reported to be especially poisonous to cattle and sheep though usually not browsed by them.” Do not ingest any part of the New Gold lantana. Be careful handling the plant due the possibility of skin irritation or allergic reaction.

Note: Look for the “New Gold™” tag to insure getting the sterile plant. Lantana horrida is similar, but the yellow blooms fade to orange and it sets numerous berries. Lantana easily grows in the wild and is spread by birds eating the berries. This is why developing a variety of Lantana that blooms profusely, but does not produce berries, is exciting for landscapers.


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