Common name: Skullcap, Pink Skullcap, Cherry Skullcap

Botanical name: Scutellaria suffrutescens


Size: 8 – 12 inches tall by 2 feet wide

Flowers: Fuchsia

Bloom time: May through November

Leaves: small, resembles thyme

General information:
A perennial herb — part of the mint family – skullcap is a native to the northeastern region of Mexico. The name comes from its resemblance to the medieval cap worn by men. It has a neat, compact mounding growth habit that works well as an edging plant or ground cover. The tiny snapdragon-like blooms are plentiful and look lovely spilling over a rock wall.

Pest or Disease Problems: None

Growing in North Texas:
Plant in full or part sun in average soil with good drainage. Once established, the water requirements are low even during the hot summer months. Although not necessary, giving skullcap an occasional shearing will prevent the middle from getting too thin by encouraging newer growth. Early spring is a great time to prune out the old woody limbs.

Propagate skullcap indoors during the winter months from seed or root a stem cutting during the growing season.


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Keywords (tags): sun, part shade, perennial, herb, pink flowers, drought tolerant, low growing

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