Common names: Ajuga, Bugleweed, Carpet Bugle

Botanical name:  Ajuga Reptans ‘Burgundy Glow’, ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver Beauty’

General information:  Ajuga provides a mat of dark-colored foliage that spreads by runners. Attractive between stepping-stones and for low borders. The plant has medium heat tolerance and medium water requirements. Spreads quickly.


Perennial groundcover with shiny, dark green or purple-bronze leaves that turn metallic in cold weather; basal rosette form, can be variegated; flowers on 6” spikes


Size:  4 – 6 inches tall by 10 – 12 inches wide

Flowers:  Blue, purple, white

Bloom time:  Spring, trim flowers after bloom

Leaves:  Evergreen, low-growing rosetting plant with spoon-shaped leaves

Pests and Disease Problems:  Requires good drainage. Ajuga is subject to soil-borne diseases, particularly where air circulation and soil drainage are less than ideal. The plant may also be affected by root-knot nematodes.

Growing in North Texas

Ajuga prefers shade with light morning sun.  This plant provides one of the best groundcovers for heavy shade.  Start from small transplants set out on 8 to 10 inch centers.

‘Burgundy Glow’ – reddish foliage is marbled green and white; slower spreading

‘Bronze’ – fastest spreading ajuga; foliage is reddish bronze, greening somewhat with hot weather

‘Silver Beauty’ – low growing, to 3 – 4 inches tall; leaves are green, marbled white


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Keywords (tags): Shade, perennial, groundcover

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