Wildlife Pests

The Master Gardener help desk receives many calls each year about eradicating or controlling wildlife pests.   The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension bookstore provides free downloads of leaflets with information about managing common pests.  Click on the links below and add the leaflet to your cart.  The downloads are free, but you do need to go through the checkout process.

If the animal is not listed here, click on any AgriLife bookstore link below to go to the site; then type the name of the animal in the search box.

Raccoons:   “Managing Raccoon Damage”

Armadillos:  “Managing Armadillo Damage”

Moles/voles:   “Managing Mole Damage”

Squirrels:   “Controlling Tree Squirrels in Urban Areas”

Opossum:   “Managing Opossum Damage”

Snakes:  “Snakes and Their Control”    The Texas Snakes page contains lots of information about identifying snakes.

Woodpeckers:   “Controlling Woodpecker Damage”

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