Programs and Committees

DCMGA’s Programs and Committees are always in need of Master Gardener volunteers.  Contact the manager or committee chair for more information.  Leaders are encouraged to post their meetings on the Member Calendar by filling out the form at Request a DCMGA Member Calendar Update.

Many of these programs and committees are outlined in the DCMGA Handbook and listed on the DCMGA Organization Chart.

Forms, such as the Project Initiation and Project Continuation forms, sign-in sheets and more can be found on the Member Forms page. There is also document outlining manager responsibilities and a presentation outlining best management practices, along with a sample management spreadsheet.


For dates and details about work days, see the Member Calendar or contact the manager.





Ask a Master Gardener
  • Coordinates volunteers and materials for “Ask A Master Gardener” booths as requested by the public or DCMGA events, such as the Keep Flower Mound Beautiful Environmental Fair in May
Dolores Payne
Bayless-Selby House
  • Location:  Denton Historic Park at Mulberry and Carroll Streets, Denton
  • Supports period-appropriate landscape for the Victorian home and other structures
  • Conducts garden tours
  • Presents programs
  • Year round as needed
Carolyn Gold/ Carol Brantley
Bob Jones Nature Center
  • Assists Tarrant County Master Gardeners in maintenance of gardens
  • Supports ongoing educational programs
  • Helps with annual butterfly release in the fall
Susie Barber
Children’s Arbor Day
  • Bags redbud seedlings and distributes to third graders in Denton I.S.D. schools
  • Presents Arbor Day program in Denton I.S.D. schools
  • April
Children’s Garden
  • Teaches children and their families gardening techniques
  • Supports education with hands-on experiences at this garden site
  • Encourages families to replicate gardens at their homes
  • Harvests from these gardens are entered into the Vegetable, Flower, Herb & Fruit Show competition
  • Location: Fair Oaks Sr. Independent Living Community (1950 Lattimore, Denton).
  • March — June
Jacqueline Carney/ Dana Bays
Community Garden Consultation Group
  • Provides information, training, and demonstrations to interested groups / organizations on how to initiate, administer, and sustain community gardens.
Pat Moyer / Damon Simmons
Cool Shade for the Third Grade
  • Bags tree seedlings and distributes to third-graders in Lewisville I.S.D. schools
  • Presents information on tree care
  • October
Susan Loos
DCSWCD Tree Seedling Distribution
  • Distributes seedlings to Denton County residents who have made purchases through the Denton County Soil & Water Conservation District
  • February
Russell Tyson 
Denton City Library Seed Program
  • Works with the Denton City Library to provide library users with selected seeds to promote vegetable and flower gardening
  • Provides re-packaging of bulk seeds for individual users, and planting instructions
  • Gives talks to encourage the use of provided seeds
  • Year-round
Phyllis Minton/ Pat Moyer
Denton County Community Grove
  • Works with Denton County leaders in the development and maintenance of a demonstration grove of fruits and nuts
  • Educates the community on home fruit production through classes at the grove
Kathleen Rainey/ Patty Cooke
Denton County Youth Fair
  • Supports the Youth Fair Horticulture Division for annual competitive event with registering and judging entries
  • January — March
  • Includes the Horticulture Workshop
    • Teaches 4H members about various horticultural topics
    • Demonstrates these topics using a hands-on component
Lynda Harvey/ Karen Stubbs
Design Your Yard with Earth-Kind Landscaping Public Course
  • Provides research-based education on Earth-Kind practices and landscape design principles and step-by-step exercises for participants to create landscape designs for their own yards.
  • The multi-session course is open to the public and DCMGA members for a fee.
  • Offered once or twice a year
  • Location varies.
Shirlee Singer
Doubletree Ranch Park Pavilion Area Working with the Highland Village Parks and Recreation Department at the Pavilion Gardens, Doubletree Ranch Park, this project

  • Educates the community on native plants.
  • Educates the community on pollinator garden and benefits of butterflies.
  • Conducts tree talks highlighting tree varieties, pruning, proper planting and maintenance.
Mary Morris/ Diane Almand
FMFB Community Garden
  • Location: 1901 Timber Creek Rd., Flower Mound (on Morriss Road between FM 407 and Main Street)  (map)
  • Plant and harvest fresh produce for donation to CCA and local refugee populations
  • Assist church garden volunteers in learning water-wise and best choice garden practices to maximize yields
  • Educate and assist local area residents who want to grow their own gardens
  • Serve as a garden educational and demonstration resource for the area, including with scout troops and the nearby elementary school
  • Time of year – year round, work days scheduled as needed
David Huffman
Fair Oaks Senior Independent Living Center
  • Builds and helps to maintain over 50 gardens for senior center which covers 2.5 acres
  • Conducts classes, lecture, demonstrations & hands-on activities, for residents and their families
  • Hosts and supports DCMGA’s Children’s Garden located here
  • Year-round
Dale Powell/ Pat Moyer/ Katherine Woodward/ Mike Crawford
Fall Garden Festival 
  • Provides educational opportunities for the public featuring speakers, demos, and informational booths
  • Includes vendor booths for the public to purchase garden-themed items
  • Location: First United Methodist Church of Denton
  • October (traditional date is second Saturday)
Sharrie Ely / Susan Novak
Flower Mound Garden Series
  • Provides research-based educational presentations and programs to the Flower Mound area
  • Presentations are open to the public and DCMGA members on a wide range of topics.
  • Weekly for four weeks in the spring
  • Presentations at Flower Mound Library and Flower Mound Senior Center
Lynda Harvey/ Carol Arment
Garden Consultations
  • Provides gardening information/advice to individuals/organizations on an ad hoc basis.
  • Must be approved by the CEA-Horticulture.
Pat Moyer
Garden Tour
  • Provides to the public opportunities to visit DCMGA members’ and public gardens
  • Features gardening demonstrations
  • Supports gardens by helping them to become “tour ready”
  • Supplies docents on tour day
  • 2nd Saturday in May
Karen Roberts
  • Assists approved organizations with landscape planning
  • Provides training for DCMGA members
  • Addresses the wide variety of soil types, ongoing drought conditions & capricious nature of our climate using water-wise plantings, low maintenance, Texas natives, and elements of design
Marti Hector/ Jerry Alexander
Greater Aubrey Area Gardening Series (GAAGS)
  • Provides research-based educational presentations and programs to the greater Aubrey area of Denton County
  • Presentations are open to the public including DCMGA members
  • Topics include vegetable gardening, horticulture, herbs, tree care, water conservation, and native plantings, just to name a few
  • Presentations occur approximately monthly for three months early in the calendar year
Jolayne LaCour/ Bernadette Gilbert
Help Desk / Splash
  • Researches answers to questions submitted by the public via the DCMGA Help Desk
  • Trains new Help Desk volunteers
  • Assures sufficient Help Desk coverage
Ann Hillmann/ Pam Spooner
Herbal Branch
  • Makes presentations to DCMGA members and public on propagating, planting, harvesting and using herbs
  • Monthly meetings
Suzie Cook/ Carol Richard
Intern Basic Training and Administration
  • Provides the planning, implementation, management, and evaluation for annual class to train new Master Gardeners
  • Plans class curriculum, recruits, and works with visiting instructors, and manages all logistics
  • Creates, implements and manages all aspects of Intern online testing & evaluation
  • Provides ongoing support and guidance to interns, including supportive actions for class and service hour requirements and graduation.
  • Plans and coordinates the Mentor Program for the new intern class
    • Assigns a volunteer mentor for each intern
    • Plans mentor/intern events, such as lunches and other activities, throughout the year
Kim Wootton
JMG Specialist Training
  •  Plan and implement a Junior Master Gardener Specialist Training class
Tammie Gurley
Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) Project
  • Supports LLELA (Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Area), the unique ecosystem where the Blackland Prairie and the Eastern Cross Timbers meet
  • Helps uphold LLELA’s mission to preserve and restore native Texas ecosystems and biodiversity while providing opportunities for environmental education, research, and recreation
  • Helps propagate native Texas plants
  • Assists in prairie restoration (replanting over 2000 acres with more than 500 native plant species)
  • Maintains a pocket pollinator garden.
  • Weekly on Wednesdays from 8:45 am – noon
Barbara Beane/ Kim Wootton
Member Rose Sale
  • Coordinates order and delivery of roses from chosen vendor for DCMGA members
Susan Novak
Monarch Butterfly Waystation–the Tribute Community
  • Provides assistance in site selection, preparing the site, installing milkweed and nectar plants, and annual or semi-annual maintenance of monarch butterfly waystations in the Tribute community on Lake Lewisville in The Colony and on the walking trail along Lebanon Road
  • Educates the community on the importance of protecting the monarch migration through the use of milkweed and nectar plants
  • Provides the STEM school in the community a hands-on learning environment
  • May provide assistance with editing grant applications
Kathleen Rainey
Plant Propagation
  • Makes presentations on propagating by air-layering, leaf cutting, stem cutting, seed starting, and root division
  • Hands-on training in the art and science of plant propagation
  • Provides one-day, hands-on training to new class members in all areas of propagation
Mary Morrow
Plant Sale
  • Provides commercially grown, “pass-along” plants from Master Gardeners, and Propagation Team plants for sale to the public
  • Answers questions by the public about plants
  • Educational demonstrations
  • Largest DCMGA fundraiser
  • Location: Trinity United Methodist Church (Hobson Ln. @ Teasley Ln., Denton)
  • April/ May
Pat Edwards/ Don Edwards
Red Bud Festival
  • Provides gardening education booths at an annual public event sponsored by Keep Denton Beautiful
  • April
Rose Rosette Disease Team
  • Makes and distributes the latest research on Rose Rosette Disease to DCMGA membership and Denton County residents
  • Organizes and shares information about events on RRD
  • Shares educational articles on
  • Works with Speakers Bureau to share the latest information
Sharrie Ely
Science With Attitude: SWAt (includes JMG)
  • Utilizing researched-based curricula, SWAt’s Educational Outreach Program provides individualized supplemental education on a variety of horticultural and environmental science topics for classrooms and other educational and community venues
  • Offers annual Professional Development Workshops for teachers and parent volunteers from area public and private schools, and home-based education programs
  • Provides support to schools in developing Outdoor Learning Centers
  • Provides Advanced Training opportunities for volunteers at monthly planning meetings
  • Year-round
  • See the SWAt:  Science with Attitude Educational Outreach page.
Tammie Gurley
Speakers Bureau
  • Receives speaking requests from the community
  • Provides research-based educational presentations and programs to community organizations
Dolores Payne
Texas Our Heritage Garden
  • Helps to restore an outdoor learning area at Heritage Elementary School, LISD
  • Conducts hands-on activities & demonstrations for the students/teachers
  • Teaches & leads in the horticultural area of caring for native plants
  • Works in a partnership of Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, Boy Scouts, & the Heritage ES community
  • Time of year: As needed
Janet Gershenfeld/ Damon Simmons
Tree Team  (Tree Musketeers)
  • Provides educational information to DCMGA members and the public on tree planting, care, and problem diagnosis
  • Assists citizens in diagnosing and treating tree problems at the request of the DCMGA Help Desk or County Extension Agent
  • Team members receive focused training on tree diseases and insect damage identification and treatment
  • Visits homes in the county whose owners are experiencing problems with their trees
  • No regular monthly meetings
Mary Morrow and Janie Farler
UNT Dye Garden
  • Assists, mentors, advises and works with the faculty and students of the UNT College of Visual Arts and Design, Fiber Studio Arts
  • Provides Earth-Kind information and assists with planting, propagating, and maintaining the current dye garden
  • Assists with developing, researching, creating, and maintaining a second roof-top dye garden on the newly constructed Visual Arts building
  • Members learn about fiber and paper dyeing with natural dyes through lectures, workshops, and tours of the gardens.
  • Regular meetings
Lee Ann Yates
Vegetable, Flower, Herb, Fruit Show
  • Provides opportunities for the public to show vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruits from their home gardens
  • June
Debby Ishee
Water Conservation
  • Shares water conservation information and techniques with Denton County residents
  • Develops presentations and water conservation demonstrations for DCMGA sponsored events, public events supported by DCMGA and in response to requests made through the DCMGA Speaker’s Bureau
  • No regular monthly meetings
Wally Gehrke


Administrative Committees




 Committee Chair

AT Seminar
  • Organizes and conducts a one-day event offering a variety of classes for members to obtain multiple advanced training hours 
Kim Wootton
  • Conducts an audit of the financial records in January and reports to the general membership at the next general meeting
  • Reviews the financial records after the first quarter of a new treasurer’s term to assure accounting records are correct
Lee Ann Keener
  • Responsible for completing the application forms for the State Awards
  • Applications are submitted to the CEA-Horticulture after board approval
Pat Moyer
Christmas Party
  •  Plans and implements the annual DCMGA Christmas party
Dolores Payne/ Barbara Prins
Task Description Manager
DCMGA Branding   Liz Moyer
  • Documents DCMGA activities through photography
  • Provides photographs for the website and publicity
  • Maintains historical records of projects through photographs
  • Provides a video at year’s end for the annual celebration
Liz Moyer
  • Responsible for reviewing and approving proper use of logos and legal statements required on documents prepared to apprise the community of the association’s functions
Liz Moyer
  • Publicizes and promotes the association’s activities and objectives to the community through local media outlets
Liz Moyer
Signage Liz Moyer
Social Media
  • Publicizes and promotes the association’s activities and objectives to the community through social media outlets
Liz Moyer
  • Supports the organization’s website:
  • Creates and maintains web pages
  • Researches and writes gardening articles
  • Creates and maintains online forms
  • Keeps DCMGA members’ calendar up-to-date
  • Maintains the DCMGA email subscription list
  • Sends (periodically) emails to subscribers with information about upcoming events
Sue Hudiburgh / Barbara Brown
Communications Director Liz Moyer
DCMGA Non-Profit Alignment Committee
  • Performs an assessment of DCMGA compliance with non-profit accreditation standards and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors as appropriate
Dale Powell
DCMGA Plant Exchange
  • Organizes DCMGA member plant exchange event, an educational event that allows DCMGA members to share information on what plants thrive in North Texas and exchange plants from their gardens  
  • Held annually, in the fall, before the September general meeting
Sharrie Ely
DCMGA 30th Anniversary Celebration
  • Plans and implements a celebration of DCMGA’s 30th anniversary
Shirley Manfredi/ Liz Moyer
Graduation/Celebration Banquet
  •  Plans and implements celebration dinner for:
    • Annual Awards
    • Latest Class Graduation
    • Installation of Officers
Dolores Payne
  • Aids DCMGA projects in identifying potential funding sources when initiated by the project manager
  • Assists in writing and editing grants
  • Supports members who need help writing and polishing a grant request
Barbara Brown
  • Arranges setup of the room for monthly association meeting, including coffee, water, tea, paper products
  • Coordinates other refreshments for general meetings
  • Purchases needed supplies (receipts to be turned in to treasurer)
  • May consult with projects regarding coordination of refreshments for special events
Mary Branstetter
Meeting Programs
  • Schedules programs for the monthly membership meeting from March – February (of the following year)
Barbara Prins
North Texas Giving Day
  • Registers DCMGA for North Texas Giving Day
  • Promotes DCMGA and their programs up to and during North Texas Giving Day
  • Organizes volunteers for Denton Donation Station held at the Denton County Courthouse and shares DCMGA information at this event with the public and other Denton County nonprofits
  • Fall
Sharrie Ely/ Debby Ishee
Project Administration
  • Responsible for assisting project managers and volunteers
  • Assures that new and continuing projects support DCMGA mission
  • Reports to the board on project status
  • Annual approval of ongoing projects
Vice President Patty Cooke
Resource Room
  • Maintains the Resource Room for the use by the DCMGA membership
Steve Spurgin
Retention Committee
  • Explores ways to increase retention and engagement of the DCMGA membership and thus increase our presence and impact within our community
  • Reviews the applicants for the Tom Harpool Scholarship and makes recommendations to the board
Jacqueline Carney
Sunshine Gardeners
  • Once notified that a member has experienced a serious illness, hospitalization, or death of an immediate family member, contacts affected member to determine need and privacy preference
  • Ensures a card is sent on behalf of DCMGA
  • Communicates member’s request for support to the group and/or the general membership
  • In the event of the death of a member or immediate family member, notifies the DCMGA President
  • The Chairman of the Sunshine Gardeners will receive Volunteer Service Hours, but the remainder of the group is ineligible for Service Hours
Sandy Faciane
  • Organizes all technology equipment stored in Resource Room
  • Provides technology-related assistance for membership, as required
Russell Tyson
The Retreat
  • Plan annual retreat meeting
President Pat Moyer
Volunteer Opportunity Fair
  • Organizes an event which introduces or advertises projects that members can sign up for
  • Usually in February
Vice President Kathryn Wells
Wine Tasting Fundraiser
  • Coordinates annual Wine Tasting fundraiser
Dolores Payne/ Kaye Gross




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