Plant Propagation Videos

Plant Propagation: starting new plants from seed or cuttings

Collecting seeds

In this video, we discuss when and how to collect seeds from your garden.

Storing Seeds

This video shows how to store seeds you’ve bought or collected so that you can plant them later. Paper or plastic?

Seed Germination

Master Gardener Joanne Fellows shows how test the viability of seeds, explains the germination process, and demonstrates how to encourage germination using soaking, scarification and stratification.

Transplanting Seedlings

In this video, we demonstrate how to transplant newly emerged seedlings without damaging them.

Stem Cuttings, Part 1

Master Gardener Joanne Fellows identifies the parts of a stem that are important to know when taking cuttings to root new plants.

Stem Cuttings, Part 2

In Part 2, Joanne Fellows demonstrates how to prepare and plant a stem cutting.

Caterpillar Garden Project

This video demonstrates how to make a small seed-sprouting project that is shaped like a caterpillar. This is a good project to get kids acquainted with growing plants from seed.

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